Top Finalists

Congratulations to our 2018 Top Finalists!

In Alphabetical Order:

  • All My Friends Are Gay by Raul Martin Romero
  • Breakaway by Michael Chasin
  • Cannonball Run II by Letícia Fudissaku
  • Conversion by Stephanie Neroes
  • Dear Self by Fernando Vazquez
  • Fear, There & Everywhere by Anthony Vollmer & Craig Horwitz
  • Ideal Conditions by Emily Pasternak
  • Jacob’s Jewels by Richard Geiwitz
  • Luana by Danielle Erlich
  • Powder by Hillery Baker
  • Redball by Jon Huggins
  • Rogues by Jeff Patneaude
  • Seize The Night by Rebecca Scott
  • Spy High by Jeff Woodard
  • The Commune by Campbell Dalglish
  • The Craving by Stephen Kayfish
  • The Cut by Christopher Kerr
  • The Dress by Mat Sheldon
  • The End by Derek Schillings
  • The Piano Teacher by Ming Zhang


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