Top Finalists

Congratulations to our Top Finalists!

In Alphabetical Order:

  • Between the Lines by Joe Zarobinski
  • Bonti Bay by Linn Markussen
  • Eddie Puzrex, P.I. by Colin Stewart
  • Family Secrets by Neda Davarpanah
  • Fauk My Life by Stephanie Neroes
  • Long Odds by Christopher Preyor
  • Marilyn Alive by Monika Gensinger
  • Never Loving David by Kelly Jean Karam
  • The Good Book by Lucy Fazely
  • The Heart of a Tiger IX by SreyRam Kuy
  • The Kid Next Door by Jim Norman
  • The Queen’s Coiffeur by Will Bashor
  • The Sunrise Man by Ben Fiore
  • Things To Do Before Leaving by James Byrne
  • Through The Smoke by Matt Lewis
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