Entry Rules

Submitting your screenplay(s) to the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition constitutes acceptance of the following Rules and Terms.

Anonymity: Please remove your name and any personal information from your title page and script. If you submit your work with your name or information on it, it does not disqualify you. Your personal information will be removed before being given to readers.

Submissions: Online submissions only, no hard copies will be accepted.

Format: Submit your screenplay in PDF, Final Draft, or Celtx format. PDF format preferred. All entries must conform to basic screenplay rules. No treatments or other non-screenplay formats will be accepted.

Page Length: Feature Film: Up to 120 Pages. Short Film: Up to 35 Pages. TV One Hour: Up to 70 Pages. TV Half Hour: Up to 40 Pages. New Media: Up to 35 Pages.

Language: At this time we can only accept screenplays written in English. However, screenplay submissions from all over the world are encouraged.

Legal Rights: By submitting your screenplay to the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition, you warrant that you have the sole rights and copyright to your screenplay. You may not submit a screenplay that you did not write or do not have the rights to. We encourage you to copyright your script or register it with the WGA before entry.

Entry Fee: Entry fees are currently in U.S. Dollars. Each screenplay or submission requires a separate entry fee.

Refunds: No refunds will be issued.

Drafts & Resubmissions: No updated drafts will be accepted at a reduced price. However, you may submit a later draft if you repay the full submission fee.

Age Minimum: We require entrants to be 18 years of age or older.

Award Types: As HHSC attempts to acknowledge talented writers, HHSC can give awards in any category or any genre to an entrant, even if the category/genre is different than the category/genre the entrant entered, as deemed appropriate by HHSC.

Winners: All winners agree to allow the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition to publish their entry name, entry title, and award on sites and social media accounts relating to the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition, including but not limited to: FilmFreeway, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and any Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition website. All winners also agree to let us email out logline, name, and title to list of film industry contacts. Winners are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or use. Genre Award Winners and Runner Ups in all categories do not receive cash prizes. Only the categories and titles specified receive cash prizes.

Legal Indemnification: All entrants and competition winners indemnify and hold harmless the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition and its organizers for any claim arising out of submission of their screenplay(s) to the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition, or relating to the publication of winners’ names, screenplay titles, or awards/prizes online. Entrants may only enter where it is legal to do so, and release the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition of any liability.

Rules subject to change at any time without notice.

We accept entries through Film Freeway. Please click the link below to enter.

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