We offer a Cash Prize for the First Place Winner of each category – Short Film, New Media, Music Video, and Trailer! Additionally, we offer a series of Genre Awards! The list of award winners and official selections is sent out to our industry contacts, production companies, and agencies. All winners and official selections will receive the Hollywood Hills Awards laurels to use in promotion of their work. Individual filmmakers and performers will also win awards for their amazing contributions! Cash Prize Winners are marked with an asterisk* below.


Short Film Awards:

  • First Prize Short Film*
  • First Runner Up Short Film
  • Second Runner Up Short Film
  • Best Student Short Film

Short Film Genre Awards:

  • Best Action Adventure Short Film
  • Best Dramatic Short Film
  • Best Comedic Short Film
  • Best Family Short Film
  • Best Romantic Short Film
  • Best Horror/Thriller Short Film
  • Best Sci-Fi Short Film
  • Best Documentary Short Film

Other Short Film Awards:

  • Best Short Film Director
  • Best Short Film Screenwriter
  • Best Short Film Cinematographer
  • Best Short Film Actress
  • Best Short Film Actor


New Media Awards:

  • First Prize New Media Series*
  • First Runner Up New Media Series
  • Second Runner Up New Media Series

Other New Media Awards:

  • Best New Media Director
  • Best New Media Screenwriter
  • Best New Media Cinematographer
  • Best New Media Actress
  • Best New Media Actor


Speciality Awards:

  • Best Trailer*
  • Best Music Video*
  • Best Virtual Reality


  • First Place Short Film Cash Prize $250
  • First Place New Media Cash Prize $250
  • First Place Trailer Cash Prize $50
  • First Place Music Video Cash Prize $50

And additional specialty awards and nominations may be given out at the discretion of the HHA staff!

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