Official Selections

Congratulations to our 2018 Official Selections!

  • All American by Dewayne Bontrager
  • Backwards or Forward! by Joseph Pucci
  • Breaking Glass by Rick Groleau
  • Cadia by Cedric Gegel
  • God Is Not Purple (Or how I survived puberty and four days on a raft on the Mississippi River) by Matt Pacini
  • Gradient Descent by Justin Fontenot
  • Gridiron Dad by Ryan Paul James
  • Jacob’s Wolf by Martina Achterberg
  • Masterpiece by Bridget Messaros
  • Oddball Wonderful by John-Mark Davidson
  • One Night at the Morrison by Joan Beilstein
  • Point Roberts by Jeff Patneaude
  • Screamer by Marc Allen
  • Seventies Party by Mike Rogers
  • Shadow Puppets by Thaddeus Yeiser
  • State College by Gregory Falatek
  • Supergirls by Jenna Gray
  • The Character by Emily Ann Scott
  • The Five Fingers of the Devil by Lucia Braccalenti
  • The Open Hill by Ricky Tyree
  • The Pedestrian by Brandon Kessler
  • The Pentagon Patrol by Lyle Hogue
  • The Valkyrie Saga by Robert Cole
  • Time Police: the Curious Case of the Devil Dogs by Scott Simpson
  • Two Dreams by Rosalyn Rosen
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