Ready to get noticed? Check out our Screenplay Competition today!

Based in the Hollywood Hills – home to many of the world’s top screenwriters, actors, directors, and producers – the international Hollywood Hills Awards offers filmmakers the opportunity to show they belong with the other masters of their craft!


Giving out cash prizes and promoting our winners, our mission is to discover and reward screenwriters who excel in the art of storytelling and deserve the attention of the Hollywood Hills….

We offer awards for six scripts (three features and three shorts) that are exceptional for any genre, but also recognize those screenwriters who have mastered a top-selling genre with our series of Genre Awards.

TV writers with original pilots and specs also have the chance to win, as there is so much talent in TV writing during this “golden age” of television. And since New Media is taking Hollywood by storm, we have a new category of awards that recognizes outstanding web series and new media scripts.

Additionally, we honor entrants who excel in the art of logline writing and creating an amazing first scene “hook” – both crucial skills for screenwriters!

We give out cash prizes to the screenwriters who win First Place in our Features, Shorts, TV Drama, TV Comedy, and New Media categories. All screenplay winners’ loglines are promoted and sent out to our list of industry contacts, production companies, and agencies.

Awardees receive the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition Winner laurels, and all Finalists receive Top Finalist laurels. Personalized digital certificates commemorating Awardees are also available.

Have a screenplay, teleplay, or logline? Put the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition on your FilmFreeway Watchlist!


Since short films and new media series are taking Hollywood by storm, we decided to open a sister festival to our Hollywood Hills Screenwriting Competition (now in its 3rd Year) and reward outstanding filmmakers who not only write their stories – but produce them!

We offer Cash Prizes in each category for outstanding filmmaking and a series of Genre Awards! We also recognize individual filmmakers, directors, writers, and actors for their amazing work through our Nominations process and Filmmaker Awards.

The list of award winners and official selections is sent out to our industry contacts, production companies, and agencies. All winners and official selections will also receive the Hollywood Hills Awards laurels to use in promotion of their work!

Have a Short Film, New Media Series, Music Video, or Trailer? Our Film Awards are reopening Summer 2018! Stay tuned for updates and put us on your FilmFreeway Watchlist today!






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